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Terra Machina, an evil organization dedicated to the establishment of technology as the new world order at the cost of the extinction of magic, perishes. People the world over rejoice, dance, and do other things you would expect them to do in this kind of situation.

Elsewhere, you wake up without any recollection of who you are or the free world you now live in. You stumble across a young girl, who quickly tries to befriend you, and a mysterious man, who quickly tries to kill you.

And thus the story begins.

First Fantasy began in October of 2009 as an experiment. I had just joined the Game Creation Club at my new college, and wanted to test what little skills I had. The bare bones of this game was easy to accomplish, so I started doing a simple RPG. It was coded in ActionScript 2, a version of the language that was depreciated even then. Over the next year, it became a full-fledged RPG. Its rather plain appearance hides hours of playtime - something that's rare for a Flash game to offer. The full game was released in August 2010 and just one month later it received a fairly large update - FF v1.1. The game can also be found on both Newgrounds (with unlockable medals!) and Andkon Arcade.

A playlist with all the music in the game can be found on Newgrounds.

Download the game for Windows or Mac

QR Codes for Ryou and Haruka's clothing for Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Here!

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