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Clicking will send you over to Newgrounds to play the game instead of you being able to play it here as usual. The build I currently have on my computer is even more broken than that one :P

Monkey Lab Tycoon is a game where you raise monkeys, use them for lab research, and try to prevent your newfound lab from going under. It was made for the Newgrounds Game Jam 3 with a friend of mine. The theme was Cities Studying Tiny Monkeys (every team had their own randomly-generated theme). Unfortunately, the game proved to be a bit of a flop. We ran out of time and many things were proven to be buggy or even just not work at all.

A fixed and improved version was planned, but never quite panned out.

Choosing to play the game will take you to Newgrounds - the version on my computer is even more broken than that one.

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