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Me and a friend, which you may be able to guess is Peter, had a bet to see if 56% percent of posts on my Facebook wall had mentions of Christmas or the holidays. EXACTLY 56% of the most recent 25 posts as of 2:00 PM on Christmas had or referenced those words. So I had to create a game featuring his face in it.

The year is 21XX. The Earth is threatened by an alien race bent on conquering the planet. Manning the T.E.F.F.T (Tactical Emergency FFlying Tefft head), you are singlehandedly tasked with repelling these invaders and saving Earth! You are our only hope!

The game features 10 small but increasingly tricky enemy waves. Destroying every enemy in a given wave will multiply your score by 1.25, and it can really add up, separating the boys from the men! Hopefully that will keep you coming back for more.

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