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Kraken Skullz was the OSU Game Creation Club's first attempt at a Game Jam. Working in a team of six people, we tried to make the game in 48 hours. I confess that I didn't do much here, there being at least two more experienced programmers than I.

The game is an action game designed to be somewhat similar to QWOP.

Unfortunately, the team proved to be a bit too big for us to handle. Some arguments broke out concerning who was actually leading the project. The game was extremely buggy on completion of the 48 hours, and has not been improved since, mainly due to the difficulty of getting everyone together again.

Click the picture above to go to the game's Global Game Jam page, where you can get source code and other downloads.

Fun fact: I was the voice actor for this project. Sadly, most of my lines did not make it in due to the fact we didn't have enough time.

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