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Mechanical Ice Apocalypse was a product of several firsts. It was my first-ever Game Jam, and also my first AS3 game. Yes, most of the AS3 knowledge used in this game was gained during the 3-day weekend that this was made. It was quite the weekend!

The game was made during the Newgrounds Game Jam 2. As explained briefly in the game, most everything except easy mode and NG API functionality was done in three days, December 28th - 30th, 2010. Random four-person teams were formed, but after some apparent dropouts, I had only one person for a partner, 3D-xelu, a rather gifted artist. Between the only the two of us, we managed to score fourth place in terms of general ratings and fifth place overall as judged by Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy fame. To date, the game has been played more than 725,000 times.

I like this game for its excellent arcade style and difficulty. Hard, even in easy mode, but certainly not impossible. And that's even after playing it a bunch of times... I'm also extremely proud of this game, a symbol of all I (and 3D-xelu) managed to do in just one weekend!

Mechanical Ice Apocalypse: Wimps need not apply.

This game has medals and scoreboards on Newgrounds.

Extras: Walkthrough/Developer Commentary

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