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sketch|fall was originally the product of the weirdest/coolest game jam I had heard of at the time, the goal which was to use the extra hour granted during Daylight Saving Time to create a game. In that respect, you were really creating a game in zero hours - development both starts and stops at 2 AM.

To my surprise, I came out with a working game at the end of that single hour. sketch|fall is an action game where you try to avoid floating platforms while falling for as long as you can. The game only suffered from one real bug, and that was that you couldn't get past a certain point because the platforms would kinda gang up on you (play the original version to see what I mean).

Later (July 8th, 2012, after sitting finished for a long while), sketch|fall+ was released and it is the version you see above. It featured powerups, more obstacles, better graphics, and parachuters (a mechanic mostly inspired by Aaaa! A Reckless Disregard For Gravity, one of my favorite indie games).

Play it on Newgrounds for medals and a leaderboard:

Play the ORIGINAL version (as completed in only one hour) on Newgrounds:

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