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Spellements is a roguelike RPG game done for my college capstone course, as part of a team of six people. My area was networking, specifically a co-op mode. Unfortunately, my computer did not want to cooperate, and whenever I tested it, I had to borrow not one, but two computers. Hence, co-op isn't as bug-free as I'd like it to be. Single player is still enjoyable. The main draw of Spellements is a rune-based magic system which allows you to put together 20 different types of runes, each one having a different effect, into your spells in order to take down hordes of enemies in whichever style you'd like!

You can traverse the game in either single player or cooperative style. See the documentation for help and tips!

To play multiplayer, I recommend Hamachi. That will allow you to play against other people online if you know their Hamachi IP address and port number (and no, don't ask to play against me... it doesn't work for some reason on my computers -_-).

Click to download (129.33 MB)

Lastly, for more on the class itself, including a directory of other games produced by other groups, go here.

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