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Name Date Posted Level1 Description
AS3 Basic Training Summer 2011 1 Basic escape-room game tutorial for AS3 in five (easy) parts. Start here if you have Flash Professional and are new to programming! The website previously hosting it is gone, and the tutorial is lost
XNA RPG system 10/25/11 3 Basic tutorial for an RPG system in XNA 4 in three parts.
AS3 Basic Training 2 1/24/12 2 Finished Basic Training 1? Now we explore how to make a dodging game in two parts.
AS3 Pong 1/31/12 3 It's Pong! Learn how to make this classic game here!
AS3 Platformers and Object-Oriented Programming 2/7/12 4 Learn how to make a simple platformer in Flash while also learning the basics of OOP!
AS3 and Flex 2/21/12 4 Don't have Flash Professional? That doesn't mean you can't use AS3. It's harder, but worth learning.
AS3 action-based RPG system 2/28/12 2 Basic tutorial for a RPG utilizing a timed attack and stamina system.
AS3 Squares source code 4/10/12 3 Source code for Squares in AS3. No instructions included.
Python Squares source code 4/11/12 3 Source code for Squares in Python. No instructions included.
XNA Squares source code 5/12/12 4 Source code for Squares in XNA. No instructions included.
HTML5 Squares 9/14/12 2 Heavily commented source code for an HTML5 version of Squares. Use your browser to view the source code (try the F12 key in Chrome or IE)
Platformer Collision Pseudocode 10/2/12 3 Light pseudocode for a simple platformer collision detection mechanic.
Turn Based RPG Battle Pseudocode 10/2/12 3 Pseudocode framework for a turn-based RPG battle.
HTML5 Tetris 12/5/12 3 Commented source code for an HTML5 version of Tetris.

1Out of five. Larger numbers means more that the tutorial assumes you already know.

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